Top Best Ideas To Make Money With Sublimation Printing Business

Thinking to start a sublimation printing business to make money? You are at the right place. Today, we will be answering your most asked question about making money from the sublimation printing business.

Sublimation printing is getting popular day by day. People are spending their money on customizable phone cases, shirts, wood pieces, photo frames, and many other apparels. They want to use these for personal use and as a gift to their loved ones.

Best Ideas To Make Money With Sublimation Printing Business

Let’s assume you are new to this sublimation printing business and want to excel in this to make some good money out of it. So, before starting a business you need to have a few things and knowledge about how to use them and make elegant products.

Here is the requirements list of the accessories needed for sublimation printing.

#1 Sublimation Printer

A sublimation printer is needed for printing designs. The designs your customer wants on the substrate like phone case, tile, shirt, or any apparel.

#2 Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine is used to transfer prints from the paper to the substrate via heat transfer. 

There are multiple shaped heat press machines available in the market. Some are used for flat heat transfer like shirts, phone cases,s, or tiles. Some are used for round-shaped substrates like cups or caps. At the start, it’s better to go with flat heat press machine. You have more options available to sublimate using it.

#3 Software For Designing

To print any design using a sublimation printer, you need to create that design. To create that you need to have a strong grip on software like photoshop or CorelDRAW. 

If you are not into designing stuff don’t worry. You can buy ready-made designs from different online websites like Amazon or Etsy. Or you can use copyright-free designs as well. For basic editing, you can use canva(an online photo and video editing site).

#4 Substrates

Before starting a sublimation printing business, choose the niche of substrate first. Like what do you want to sublimate, there are many choices such as phone cases sublimation, shirt sublimation, photos, ornaments, tile, and tumblers sublimation.

Choose one of any substrate or niche and then purchase it. Purchasing in bulk is not recommended when you are just starting, you can buy 10-20 pieces to do practice and make some samples first.

#5 Other Accessories

There are some small accessories that are needed for the sublimation printing business. Those are heat-resisting tape and its dispenser, gloves, lint roller, and butcher paper.

You may also need some other accessories which are not mentioned here. It can be according to the requirement of yours and your selected niche.

How To Do Sublimation Printing To Make Money

Complete sublimation printing and its process is already explained in this what is sublimation article. But in short, to sublimate any substrate you first need to print the design on sublimation paper using a sublimation printer.

Then transfer the design on the substrate such as a shirt or phone case using a heat press machine via heat transfer. Remember to adjust the settings of the heat press machine according to the substrate and heat press machine itself.

Complete Process Of Blank Phone Case Sublimation Printing

One of the most profitable sublimation printing niches is blank phone cases sublimation. It can make you some serious money. You can offer customizable phone cases to your customers and charge even more.

The requirements are the same as for any other sublimation process. Just the addition is the blank phone case. Phone cases should be 2 piece cases, the first one is a standard rubber phone case with adhesive back, and another one should be powder-coated aluminum on which you are actually going to print.

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The process of sublimating a blank phone case is simple and has a few steps.


  • Print the image/design on a sublimation paper using your sublimation printer. Make sure to print horizontally so you can print 3 cases design on a single sheet.
  • Then place your phone case powder-coated aluminum piece on the design and tape the top and button of the case piece with heat-resisting tape so it can not move while pressing.
  • Put them on your heat-press and place a butcher paper or any other paper on top of it so the case or printer sublimation paper can not get stuck with heat pres after pressing.
  • Preheat the heat press at 395 F and then once it’s done, start pressing the actual phone case. Do heat press it for 45 seconds -60 seconds depending on your heat-press so adjust accordingly.
  • Once heat pressing is done, remove the butcher paper and tape from the sublimated phone case. Now remove the white paper off from the actual rubber case to get the adhesive exposed. Place your sublimated case piece on it and make sure you did it correctly.
  • Your phone case sublimation is now done and you have now professional-looking phone case ready.

You can sell these sublimated phone cases on eBay and your personal website. Offer customizable phone cases and you will have a larger audience

Is the sublimation printing business profitable?

The sublimation printing business is getting great recognition in people. Many people also started using sublimated apparel and accessories. That increases the business for sellers as well.

Any business can be profitable. It all depends on how you shape it and make profits out of it. Everyone is offering sublimation printed designs on shirts or uppers. You can do something different by offering customizable phone cases.

In addition, you can offer customizable small wood pieces and present them in a way that your customer will buy them to gift to someone. This will also increase your audience size.

The conclusion would be that the sublimation printing business is profitable. You have to find a gap in the market and dive into it and capture that audience. People are making money from the sublimation printing business and you can do the same as well.

Top 7 Most Profitable Sublimation Products 

Here is the list of some of the best-selling sublimation products and items in 2022.

T-shirts Sublimation Printing:

Most common yet most in-demand sublimation printing business idea. T-shirt sublimation printing is one of those evergreen business ideas that can make you some good money. The cost of each sublimated shirt is not that much but you can sell them at very decent prices.

Tumblers Sublimation Printing:

The second sublimation printing idea is tumblers sublimation. Tumblers are a kind of glass made up of different materials like steel or metal. You can sublimate those and the competition in this market is also not that much because you need a special heat press machine because of its round shape to do heat press the tumbler.

Cup Coasters Sublimation Printing:

Cup coasters sublimation printing might look small business idea but it has a great demand in women especially. You can offer them decorative styles sublimated coasters.

Refrigerator Magnets Sublimation Printing:

Refrigerator magnet blank comes in different shapes and sizes. Which allows you to have a wide variety of those and grab a larger audience size. This idea is not very common nowadays and you can take advantage of it.

Pillow Case Sublimation Printing:

Pillowcases are used in almost every house in today’s time. Every house and room has pillows and they all need pillowcases. You can target specifically women to sell these sublimated pillowcases with great colorful and beautiful designs on them.

You can also offer different sizes of pillows to let your customer choose pillowcases more conveniently.

Keychains Sublimation Printing:

Small things can make a big impact. Keychains sublimation printing is one of them. You can sublimate different types of designs on keychains, such as children’s photos or valentine-related something. You can also offer customizable keychains to your customers which is not et done by many sellers.

Ceramic Plates Sublimation Printing:

Sublimation on the ceramic plates is also possible and can give excellent results. You can use these sublimated plates as a gift item as well as sell them to make money. From saving the moment of love and joy, you can sublimate anything on the ceramic plate very easily.