Tumbler Press vs Oven

Have you tried making tumblers?

We know tumblers is one of the most fun ways to create a sublimation piece and frequently get the question on what is the best way to make these at scale.

So today we are diving in to breakdown one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make: use a press or oven?

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🌟 Press vs. oven

💥 3 recommendations on what to buy

🎨Tumbler Press versus Oven

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🏢 High-Pressure Heat Press

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📑 Butcher Paper

Now, onto the fun part!

Decision time

The choice between a sublimation tumbler press and an oven for sublimation depends on various factors, including your specific needs, production volume, and available space.

Let’s explore the advantages and considerations for each option:

Sublimation Tumbler Press


Precision and Control: Tumbler presses are designed specifically for sublimating cylindrical objects like tumblers so they provide precise heat and pressure distribution, ensuring an even transfer of the sublimation ink onto the entire surface of the tumbler.

Efficiency: Tumbler presses are efficient and easy to use and streamline the sublimation process for cylindrical items, allowing you to achieve consistent and high-quality results.

Time-Saving: Tumbler presses often have shorter processing times compared to ovens. The heat and pressure are applied directly to the tumbler, minimizing the time needed for the sublimation transfer.


Limited to Cylindrical Items: Tumbler presses are designed specifically for cylindrical objects. If your sublimation projects involve various shapes and sizes, you may need additional equipment for different items.

Initial Investment: Tumbler presses can be an initial investment, and the cost may be higher compared to using a conventional oven. However, the efficiency and precision they offer can justify the expense for those focused on tumbler sublimation!

Sublimation Oven


Versatility: By far the biggest benefit is ovens offer versatility, allowing you to sublimate a variety of items beyond tumblers, such as apparel, ceramic tiles, and more. If your projects involve different shapes and sizes, an oven might be a more flexible option.

Cost: Ovens are generally more affordable than dedicated tumbler presses. If you have a limited budget and need a versatile solution, an oven could be a cost-effective choice!


Control and Consistency: Achieving consistent results with an oven may require careful monitoring of temperature and timing. You may need to experiment with settings to find the optimal conditions for your sublimation projects.

Space Requirements: Ovens typically require more space compared to tumbler presses. Consider the available space in your workspace before choosing an oven for sublimation.

If you primarily work with cylindrical items and seek efficiency and precision, a tumbler press may be the ideal choice. If you prioritize versatility and have a diverse range of sublimation projects, an oven could be a more practical and cost-effective solution!

💥 3 Tumbler and Oven Recommendations!

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