Make Stunning Bracelets With Sublimation

Happy New Year!

Event though the holidays have passed you can still think of ways to make gifts for friends and family is quickly and as far as memorable and sentimental presents go, sublimation bracelets are a wonderful gift idea.

Why settle for giving the odd gift card when you can make someone feel special by surprising your loved ones with unique bracelets?

What’s included:

🌟 Some adorable sublimation bracelets we found online

🎨 How to make your own stylish bracelets

💥 3 must-buy products of the week

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🌟 2 Best DIY Crafts

A lovely friendship bracelet

A silver-plated bracelet with family pictures 

🎨 A Step-By-Step Guide for Bracelet Sublimation

What tools will you need?

🌀 Blank Sublimation Bracelets: These bracelets come with an aluminum sublimation disk. There are also leather, silver, and bronze-plated versions (any of these work! 🙂)

🫗 Krazy Glue: This one will work like a charm for this tutorial because it won’t leave any whitish residue once it’s dry. It also has a strong hold.

🖨️ High-Quality Sublimation Printer

📝 A-SUB Sublimation Paper

🏢 High-Pressure Heat Press

🧤 Heat-Resistant Gloves

🛡️ Heat-Resistant Tape

📑 Butcher Paper

Now, onto the fun part!

How does this work?

Step 1: The Setup

Organize all your sublimation materials.

Step 2: Printing Your Designs

The bracelets come with sublimation disks. The ones we’ll be using in this tutorial are in the shape of a circle. So, you’ll have to create your designs in a circular form (0.8 inches).

Next, set your printer settings to ‘bleed’ mode. This will help the ink get to all the corners of the circle, preventing ugly white spaces on your sublimation bracelets.

Now, print out your designs on A-SUB sublimation paper. It should look like the image below.

Step 3: Taping It Up

Bring out the circular sublimation disks and remove their protective film. After doing that, tape them on top of your printed designs using the heat-resistant tape.

Step 4: The Butcher Paper Sandwich

Cut out half a page of butcher paper, fold it in half, and then place the sublimation disks and the taped designs inside it.

Step 5: Sublimation Magic

Next, turn on your heat press and place the butcher paper sandwich inside it. Close the press and leave it at 390oF for 60 seconds.

P.S. The sublimation disks are really small, so make sure to use a high-pressure heat press so the sublimation actually works!

Step 6: Letting It Cool Off

Once 60 seconds go by, use your heat-resistant gloves to remove the designs and the sublimation disks. Let this cool off, and then peel off the disks from the sublimation paper.

Step 7: Assembling Your Bracelets

First, apply Krazy glue to the sublimated disks, then attach them to the blank space on the bracelets.

P.S. The part where the designs are printed should be facing upwards.

Then, secure the clear glass dome to the sublimation disks with Krazy glue and let it dry for a few minutes (5–10 should do 😉).

Finally, make sure everything’s sturdy.

💫Voila, your cute bracelets are now ready to wear.

A helpful extra

💥 3 Must-Buy Products of the Week

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Happy sublimation,

The PrintCraft Team

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