Life’s too short for boring earrings

With bracelets out of the way, let’s continue with Part 2 of this three-part jewelry series.

Chic earrings are all the rage, and for good reasons!

They can add a pop of color to your outfit by being loud and bright. Or they can stay simple and fashionable to blend in with your outfit.

In other words, they can take your style from zero to 💯.

The cool thing is that you’ll never run out of choices if you start buying blank earrings and sublimating them today. Interested?

What’s included:

🌟 Some gorgeous earring designs

🎨 How to make your own fun earrings

💥 3 must-buy products of the week


🌟 2 Best DIY Crafts

Van Gogh Earrings (inspired, not worn, by him😉)

Northern Lights Earrings 

🎨 A Complete Guide On Sublimating Your Earrings

Things to keep in mind before you begin

Blank Earrings + high pressure = beautiful sublimated earrings!

Blank Earrings + uneven/low pressure = Earrings with blurry or unfinished designs/crafting failure 😢

What tools will you need?

🏢 Heat Press: Our recommendation has the required pressure to correctly sublimate your designs.

If you’re looking for something that’s in a lower price range, you can opt for the Cricut mini press. The bad thing is that it’s handheld, so you’ll have to apply the pressure yourself.

💮 Blank Sublimation Earrings: We’ll be using these in this tutorial. These blanks are also available in metal and wood options, although we recommend the wood option since it sublimates better. Each purchase comes with a batch of earring hooks.

🪞 Jeweler’s Pliers: For assembling your earrings after sublimation

✒️ Pen Wielding Tool: To remove the protective film on the blank earrings

🏚️ Printed designs

🖨️ Sublimation Printer

🧤 Heat-resistant gloves

📝 Sublimation Paper

🛡️ Heat-resistant tape

📑 Butcher Paper

How does this work?

Step 1: The Setup

Organize all your supplies in one place for easy access.

Oh, and as usual, make sure you’re doing the sublimation in a well-ventilated room.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Designs

Check the sizes of the blank earrings and create one design for each pair. Make sure the designs are a bit bigger than the earrings themselves.

Then, create four identical designs (two per row, like in the image below). Each row will be used to sublimate both sides of a single earring. So you need two rows for a pair of earrings.

The A-sub paper we recommend lets you print as many as four different designs (a four-square grid per design). This means you can sublimate four pairs of earrings at once!

Step 3: Taping Your Designs

Remove the protective film on the earrings with the pen wielding tool. Then, place each blank earring face down on one design and secure each using the heat-resistant tape (like in the image below).

Next, fold up the sublimation paper from left to right (or vice versa) so that the duplicated design covers the opposite face of the corresponding earring.

Step 4: Sublimating Your Designs

To sublimate the first side of your earrings, open up your heat press and put a sheet of butcher paper in it. Next, place the earrings, and finish up with another sheet of butcher paper.

Close the heat press and set it at 370 o F for 60 seconds. 

Note: The manufacturer of our recommended earrings suggests using this temperature and time frame. However, for other blank earrings, you’ll have to do some research and adjust if necessary.

Step 5: Sublimating The Opposite Side

As soon as time’s up, open the heat press and carefully flip this over with your heat-resistant gloves (seriously, protect your hands😅).

Close it up, and then apply the same temperature and time settings as last time.

Step 6: Revealing Your Sublimated Earrings

At this point, both sides will be sublimated. Gently peel off the sublimation paper from the earrings.

Step 7: Assembling Your Earrings

Bring out the bag of hooks that came with the earrings, and attach them to each earring with your jeweler’s pliers.

And that’s it.

Your masterpiece is now ready for use. Dazzle everyone at your next outing with your cute sublimated earrings ✨

A helpful extra

💥 3 Must-Buy Products of the Week

Okay! That’s it for today. Thanks for reading. Reply with the word “PrintCraft” and we’ll send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card for your next project.

Happy sublimating,

The PrintCraft Team

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