Sublimate Your Way Towards an Unforgettable Christmas…


Struggling to find fun Christmas decorations or looking to create them yourself?

Then this post right here might just help you out. Today, we’re talking about 🥁🥁ornament sublimation

Forget about settling for boring options. And get ready for the stunning sublimated glass ornaments you’ll have hanging from your Christmas tree or mantlepiece in no time.

What’s included:

🌟 Some cute Christmas ornament designs

🎨 How to make your own lovely glass ornaments

💥 3 must-buy products of the week


🌟 2 Best DIY Crafts

Best Friends-Inspired Christmas Ornament

Cute Family Christmas Ornaments

🎨 A Complete Guide To Glass Ornament Sublimation

What tools will you need?

🎄 Blank Ornaments: The stars of the show. They come in glass, wood and ceramic options. Oh, and fun fact: pretty ribbons come included with these specific ornaments.

🏜️ Design Software: You can use Canva to upload and edit family pictures or fun Christmas images for your ornaments.

🖨️ Sublimation Printer

🧤 Heat-Resistant Gloves

📝 A-Sub Sublimation Paper

🛡️ Heat-Resistant Tape

Now, onto the fun part!

How does this work?

For this tutorial, we’ll focus on sublimating circular glass ornaments. But you can follow the same process for wood and ceramic ornaments.

Step 1: The Setup

Place all your sublimation items in one area so that they’re within reach.

Step 2: Creating your Designs

Check that the size of the design matches the circular ornament. Circular ornaments are usually 3.1–3.2 inches.

As to the design, you can opt for pictures of your favorite people or anything else.

Step 3: Printing and Trimming

Disable the mirror option on your printer once the design is ready. We recommend doing this since glass ornaments (by their nature) mirror designs, whether they’re letters or images.

Print the design using the A-sub sublimation paper. You can print out as many as five designs on one of these sheets.

Step 4: Taping Your Designs

You’ll notice that the glass ornament has a frosted side and a shiny side. Tape your design directly on the frosted side. It should look like the images below.

Step 5: The “Butcher Paper Sandwich”

Fold up your butcher paper like a sandwich and place the ornament inside.

Note: If you wish, you could sublimate two ornaments at a time!

Step 6: Sublimating Your Designs

Open up your heat press and place the butcher paper sandwich. Make sure the frosted side is facing upwards.

Now, turn on the heat press and sublimate this at 360oF for 240 seconds.

Step 7: Finally!

When time’s up, remove your ornament with your gloves and allow it to cool off for a few seconds. After that, gently peel off the sublimation paper to reveal your masterpiece.

And that’s it! Now, go hang your ornaments on your tree or mantelpiece. 🙂

A helpful extra

💥 3 Must-Buy Products of the Week

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Happy sublimating,

The PrintCraft Team

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