Top Sublimation Printer Brands and Reviews – Which One Is Best in 2022

There are many well-known brands in the industry of sublimation printers. Every brand has its own unique identity in the form of features, support, and quality. Choosing the one which can truly fulfill your requirement can be tough but it’s a very important element.

Today we will be covering the Top 3 Sublimation Printer Brands and Reviews about them by their users. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of each brand, and which printer brand is best for you in 2022.

Sublimation Printer Brands

Top 3 Sublimation Printer brands

There are many brands that have great features and quality sublimation printers. But top 3 from them based on their being famous and other features are,

  1. Sawgrass 
  2. Epson
  3. Brother


Sawgrass, the all-in-one and one of the most astonishing brands of sublimation printers. Manufactures high-quality sublimation printers with new features every time they launch the latest model.

Being the market leader sawgrass makes sure the quality, customer satisfaction, and results. They are the ones who have a large variety of true sublimation printers. It means the printers which focusedly designed for sublimation.

Other companies and brands also have some of the true sublimation printers but sawgrass clearly has an edge here. They have much better results and features in their sublimation printers.

Price and Features:

No doubt sawgrass has an expensive option to choose from. But they also justify what they are charging more than other printer brands. 

You can get true sublimation-focused printers with vibrant colours print. With supported sublijet UHD inks. In addition, most of their printer has an option of an optional bypass tray which allows you to print larger size prints.

When it comes to print, sawgrass gives the finest results. With their software which is also known as Sawgrass print manager, you can adjust your design in a very simple way.

The software and machinery of sawgrass are beginner-friendly and anyone who has even a bit of knowledge of sublimation can operate that.

Another edge of having a sawgrass printer is that they have the ability to connect wireless. They are Wi-Fi supported as well as cable supported. So you don’t need to have that messy wire connection anymore.

Furthermore, the lifespan of sawgrass printers is very long. You can barely get any technical issue that needs to be resolved by the professional.

Warranty and Support:

Warranty and support are what you truly need from any brand or company when you are investing in their product.

As long as warranty and support are concerned, sawgrass is way ahead in this area as well. Sawgrass offers lifetime technical support and 2-Years of machinery warranty on their printers.


You can print larger sizes prints.

Sawgrass also gives free designing software with their printers.

2-Years of warranty and lifetime support.

Wi-Fi connectivity, can be used wired and wirelessly.

Sawgrass printers sublimate vibrant colors and designs.


Sawgrass sublimation printers are expensive as compared to other printers.


If budget is an issue for you then Epson printers should be your choice. The most unique and attractive point about Epson printers is that they are very budget-friendly and offer affordable printers.

You get many features in the printer with a decent lifespan of the machinery. In addition, they also have Eco-Tank printers which mean that those printers have bigger ink holding space rather than ink cartridges.

Some Epson printers have Wi-Fi connectivity with ethernet cable connectivity as well. So you can use them wired and wirelessly. In addition, they also have the feature of auto 2 sided printing and auto document/sheet feeder.

For easy navigation, Epson also offers a touch screen control display panel on the printer. The size of the screen may vary according to each model of the printer.

With impressive print quality, Epson printers waste almost no ink. Some of the Epson printers are all-in-one printers as well. Which means they can scan, copy, fax and print. All these things are in one printer.

Warranty and Support:

Epson offers 2 years of warranty on their printers whereas on some printers they also offer 3 years of warranty. Which is really an amazing thing.

But the grey area is that as soon as you insert sublimation ink into your Epson printer the warranty ends. Which means you have to do and take this risk on your own. 

Because Epson printers are not intended to run sublimation inks and cartridges in these printers.

Epson will not help and support you in that. You can get basic help from Facebook groups but still, it’s not the expert’s advice or support.


Epson printers are way cheaper than others.

Wired and wireless connectivity.

Auto 2 sided print and document feeder.

Epson printer inks are inexpensive/low-cost and easy to find.


The warranty of the printer ends as soon as you insert the sublimation ink and its cartridges in your printer.

Very limited support.

Epson printers have a shorter lifespan.


Brother printers are the name of high-quality well-designed printing solutions. The brand constantly launching new printers in the market with the latest features and smart functions.

Most of the brother printers are all in one printer that means you can print, copy, fax, and scan using the same printer.

Additionally, the Brother printers also have many smart functions to verify their versatility. Alongside it also features a touch screen display for easy and simple navigation.

Price and Features:

When it comes to price and features, Brother printers are not far away from other brands. Even in some specific areas, brother printers are better.

The prices of brother printers are very affordable and even better than many other brands. They are offering great features and functions at very low prices which gives them an edge over other brands clearly.

Furthermore, it has the feature of getting connected with mobiles and desktops without having a Wi-Fi connection. Alongside it offers an extra tray which helps you to print larger sizes.

The quality of the print is decent and vibrant. Brother printers can print full-color prints as well. They also have an auto document feeder as well as s sided printing technology which saves you the extra ink and paper.

In the latest models of the brother’s printers, the ink cartridges are also replaceable. They also perform cost-effective printing and one color print can be as low as 5 cents.

Warranty and Support:

This Brother printer brand provides a 1-Year limited warranty on their products. They also offer a 30-Days free return in case you find the product unattractive and unuseful.

They also have a program called an extended warranty in which you buy brother’s product directly from the manufacturer and this is the only agreement brother printers do with their customer.

This extended warranty program feature helps you to protect your investment. For more information, you can check brother’s website warranty information page.


Prints high-quality and full-color prints.

Affordable and budget-friendly.

Wireless connectivity as well as wired connectivity.

Replaceable ink cartridges.

2 Sided printing and auto feeder available.


1 year limited warranty.


The list of sublimation printer brands is huge but those who provide quality and best products to their users win the market. The other competitive brand is Ricoma, which is the next top spot winner in the sublimation printers brand’s list.

These 3 printer brands are those market winners. You can find dozens of other brands as well but those will be lacking at any point. It can be features, print quality, or warranty and support. 

But these 3 brands are up to the mark. You can go with any of these but still, the best is to choose the one which fits best for you and your needs. You have to choose the one from which you can get maximum benefits and advantages.


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