Sublimation On Canvas: Accessories Process & Complete Guide

The process and core of the sublimation are to print images on the paper(most likely sublimation paper), which are then heated via a heat press machine and transferred onto a variety of materials(substrates) such as ceramic tiles, mugs, paper tableware, metal boxes, and more. Like that, sublimation on canvas is a new emerging and trending market nowadays and in near future, it will be a large industry where you can build your business.

Sublimation On Canvas

Accessories Needed

There are several accessories that are required in order to do sublimation on canvas.

  1. Sublimation Printer
  2. Heat Press Machine
  3. Canvas(substrate)
  4. Laminating Sheet
  5. Other accessories. Such as ink, heat-resisting gloves, butcher paper, and cutter.

Sublimation Printer:

A sublimation printer is used to print your design or image you wanna sublimate on the canvas. You can print using any sublimation printer and if you are new to this, check the best sublimation printer article of ours. It will help you to choose which printer is perfect for you.

Heat Press Machine:

The heat press machine is needed to transfer the design or image you printed on the paper. Once sublimation ink is heated via heat transfer, it becomes gaseous and then gets absorbed by the substrate i.e canvas in this case.


The canvas is playing the role of substrate in sublimation on canvas. We mostly used and saw people suing “dollar tree” canvas. They are super cheap in price and quite decent in quality as well. You can check them out as well. But if you are a beginner and do not understand these things, then you can check amazon for the canvas. To check our recommended canvas, click on the button below.

Laminate Sheet:

The laminate sheet plays a vital role in sublimation on canvas because you can not sublimate your print directly on most of the canvases. Instead, you have to place the laminate sheet on the canvas, and then heat press them together. The laminate sheet becomes the permanent part of the canvas and then you can sublimate on the canvas easily.

Other Accessories. Such As Heat-Resisting Gloves, Butcher Paper, and Cutter:

Some other small accessories like heat resisting tape, butcher paper, cutter, and gloves are also used for sublimation on canvas. These accessories are kinda important but not necessary to have. But we recommend having these, it will improve your productivity of yours and save time as well.

Process Of Sublimation On Canvas Printing - Step By Step

Process Of Sublimation On Canvas Printing – Step By Step

Sublimation on canvas consists of a few simple steps explained underneath.

Step 1:

First and foremost is to prepare the image and design you wanna sublimate on the canvas. once it’s ready, print it on the sublimation paper using a sublimation printer. Then prepare all the other accessories.

Step 2:

Preheat the heat press machine and place a single butcher paper on it, then place an empty canvas on it, and then place a laminate sheet on the canvas. Again place another butcher paper on the laminating sheet to protect the surface of the heat press. Now, once it’s all done, heat press it for a few seconds. The laminate sheet will become part of the canvas and now it’s ready for sublimation on canvas.

Step 3:

Then leave a canvas to cool down for about a minute. Then place your sublimation printed paper on it and place a butcher paper again on the top of all. Then heat presses them. The timing depends on the quality of the substrate so adjust accordingly. Pressure should be medium of the heat press.

Once the heat pressing is done, using heat-resisting gloves remove the sheets and your sublimated canvas is ready now!

TIP: Always make sure to tape the corners of the sublimated paper when you put it on the canvas. It makes the paper and canvas align together and doesn’t allow the paper to even shake a bit.

Top 4 Best Places To Buy Sublimation Canvas Blanks

There are many places you can buy sublimation canvas blanks. But not all are reliable and not everywhere you can find top-level and high-quality accessories. That’s why we have listed the top 4 best places to buy sublimation canvas blanks in 2022.

  1. Amazon
  2. Heat Press Nation
  3. Etsy

Amazon – The Best Place For Sublimation On Canvas Accessories:

The most reliable and affordable marketplace to buy sublimation accessories. Whether it’s a printer, heat press machine, heat-resisting tape, canvas, or anything that is needed in sublimation on canvas. You will find everything there and with multiple options to choose from as well.

Heat Press Nation:

The dedicated marketplace for the sublimation blanks and accessories. Heat press nation offers free shipping on most of the products and the quality of the products is excellent too. You can find any product related to sublimation printing as well as sublimation on canvas there very easily.


Etsy is not famous for specifically sublimation-related products but it has some amazing arts and designs that you can purchase and print to sublimate on canvas or on any substrate.  It’s a very unique place to go if you are looking for some amazing arts and designs. You can also find sublimation products there as well, just search carefully so you don’t miss out on anything related to sublimation printing!


eBay, a well-known marketplace for used items. We do not recommend it as a first choice to buy sublimation blanks but if one is looking for some kind of a used printer or heat press machine, then eBay is the marketplace you can find the best deal for yourself.

Tips To Improve The Results Of Sublimation On Canvas Printing:

There are a few small things you can do to improve the quality of your sublimation on canvas printing. And here they are:

  1. Use high-quality ink to print your image/design on paper.
  2. Using a sublimation paper is recommended instead of standard copy paper.
  3. Makes sure to tape the corners of the sublimation paper with canvas before heat press them.
  4. Measure the size of the canvas before printing the image on paper. and print accordingly.
  5. Use the time and temperature of the heat press machine according to the canvas you are using. Pressure should be medium in most cases but you can adjust it as well.
  6. Laminating the canvas before sublimating is a must. Make sure you have done this step.
  7. To attract more buyers to your business, you can offer them custom sublimation printing on canvas. They can tell or send you the image they want on the canvas. This is an untapped business opportunity, you can give it a shot!

Can you print sublimation ink on regular paper?

Yes, you can but then you have to transfer the print onto another paper, and also on the first paper you have to print the image mirrored. The process of transferring print from one paper to another is called “marrying”. 
That’s why we always recommend using original sublimation paper for sublimation printing and with sublimation ink.


Sublimation on canvas is possible and a fun process to do. You can achieve great results by doing it. Along with that, you can save your lovely moments on the canvas as well, and you can even sell this as a customizable sublimation printing on canvas. The best part about sublimation on canvas is that it will not fade or get lightened in color because we have laminated it and now the ink is the permanent part of the canvas.

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