Sawgrass sg800 Virtuoso Sublimation Printer Detailed Review and Buying Guide

Sawgrass is the brand that manufacturers thee state of the art sublimation printer. The first-ever desktop sublimation printer was also introduced by the sawgrass. Yes, you guess it correct, its a Sawgrass sg800 virtuoso sublimation printer.

Sawgrass sg800 Virtuoso Sublimation Printer

This was the first printer that was intentionally created for sublimation printing. The quality of the printer is excellent. Machinery installed in it is built by ricoma company So you will also have the best quality while printing with sg800 by Sawgrass.

Sawgrass sg800 gives you a brighter and higher definition design. Adds value to your business, with its latest and great features it can help you to deliver much better products to your customer than ever before.

Imagine delivering the results better than before to your customers, sounds good right? Lets have a deep look at our Sawgrass sg800 virtuoso sublimation printer and review it.


Virtuoso series by sawgrass was the first-ever sublimation printer and printer series made for dye sublimation only. It has all the features that are needed to achieve great top-class results from Sublimation printing.

First Impression – SG800 Sublimation Printer Review:

At first look, the sawgrass sg800 looks very much similar to its previous version sg400. But it has a better and wider printability to do. 

The sawgrass sg800 comes in a box along with the sublijet-HD inks specifically made for the virtuoso series. This ink adds massive value and makes your print color looks more vibrant.

The printer has many buttons and a screen on its front. You can manage the settings of the printer from there and can see inks levels.

Sawgrass sg800 Virtuoso Sublimation Printer Detailed Review and Buying Guide

Performance Of Sawgrass Virtuoso sg800 Sublimation Printer:

When it comes to performance, the sawgrass sg800 virtuoso sublimation printer has no match. It prints detailed vibrant colors with the resolution of 1200 X 1200 dpi for dazzling HD photo quality.

It also helps to print larger prints measuring up to 13 X 19 with the help of an optional bypass tray. The standard print size is 11 X 17 without any bypass tray.

Another great thing about the sg800 virtuoso sublimation printer is that it prints faster yet maintains its high definition quality. That surely increases the productivity of anyone.

Usability – Sawgrass SG800 Sublimation Printer:

Using the seagrass sg800 sublimation printer is really a fun process. You can use it to sublimate tile, shirts, mugs, pillow covers, and many more things. 

This allows you to offer a wide range of products to your customers in multiple sizes. As sg800 can print multiple sizes even wider with its optional bypass tray.

The interface of sg800 sublimation is quite friendly to any new person. In addition, there is a separate box/space for waste ink as well as ink cartridges in one place. 

Compatibility Of SG800 Virtuoso Sublimation Printer By Sawgrass:

The sg800 sublimation printer is compatible to print for mugs, covers, phone cases, shirts, or wood ornaments. You can print high-quality vivid prints for all of your requirements.

The great feature of this sawgrass virtuoso sg800 is that it is compatible with its previous version accessories. That means you can use your previous printer(sg400) bypass tray with this brand-new high-definition sublimation printer.

Features – Sawgrass SG800 Sublimation Printer


  • Uses high quality Sublijet-HD inks. This ink helps to print more vibrant and detailed photos with higher definitions.
  • Print high definition photos up to 1200 X 1200 dpi.
  • Sawgrass sg800 sublimation printer comes with a power driver and creative studio software by sawgrass specifically designed for these printers.
  • The standard printing media size is 11 X 17 and if you want to print larger, you can do that and print up to 13 X 19 with an optional bypass tray.
  • Sawgrass sg800 sublimation printer has a better dot placement accuracy that increases the print quality alongside maintaining the fast printing with it.

Sawgrass SG800 VS SG400 – Which one is better and recommended?

People usually get confused about whether to buy an SG800 sublimation printer OR an SG400 sublimation printer

In a nutshell, the core difference that differentiates these two printers from each other is size. By using the sg800 sublimation printer you can print up to 13 X 19 prints with its bypass tray.

They both come with creative studio software by sawgrass to help you in color management and aligning the designs with your templates.

Some small differences like media sizes are also there. Such as the sg800 sublimation printer has a media size of 11 X 17 whereas sg400 has an 8.5 X 14.

Both printers are great when it comes to printing different sizes for socks, ornaments, shirts, and other apparel.


Both printers are great, if you are already using an sg400 then this sg800 sublimation printer is a great step-up printer for your business. Or even if you are just entering into the sublimation printing, sg800 is still the possible best option for you.

Buying Guide – SG800 Printer

Knowing the demand of your customers is the best way to identify which sublimation printer is best for you?

Some of the key requirements that are mostly the same for anyone before buying a sublimation printer are,


The durability of the prints and machine itself is very important. If the machine itself is not durable it can not make you high-definition designs.

Sawgrass sg800 sublimation printer is made and co-engineered with Ricoh. That surely makes the machine life durable. In addition, the features and use of sublijet-HD inks make sure that your design and photo are also vibrant and detailed.

How it can add value to your business?

The printer you are going to add to your business should be able to add massive value to your business. In the form of quality, time-saving, or resources savings.

The sg800 sublimation printer is a great example of this. If you are a user of any virtuoso printer by sawgrass you were not able to offer a larger variety of designs and designs in different sizes to your customers.

Now, with the help of this massive value addition sg800 printer, you can offer multiple sizes as well as larger sizes to your customers. Smaller prints are also possible with this sg800 sublimation printer.

Cost of the printer:

Cost of the printer OR price is a very very important thing that needs to be discussed. If you have a good budget then you can go with any printer you want, but if the budget of yours is limited then you have to find the sublimation printer that can fit in your budget.

The sawgrass printers are expensive than the rest of the brands, there is no doubt about it. But sawgrass justifies the cost with their support, features, and printer quality/print quality.

This might be hard for you to go with the high budget printer at the start of your sublimation printing journey but if you are into the business and want to go an extra mile then this sg800 sublimation printer is what you need.


One of the great features and specialty of any brand or product is their support and warranty system.

This single feature can tell you if the brand is having the belief in their product or not.

The sawgrass offers lifetime support on their sublimation printers and 2-Years of machine warranty on all printers. Now its easily understandable that sawgrass is confident and you will get a high-quality long-lasting sublimation printer.

The sg800 sublimation printer also has a 2-years warranty and lifetime support on it. So you don’t need to be worried about if you get stuck at any place with your printer.


After this buying guide, we hope now its clearer to you that which printer do you really need and if the sawgrass sg800 virtuoso sublimation printer is the right choice for your business or not.

Conclusion – Sawgrass sg800 Sublimation Printer Review

While doing business, you have to deliver what your customer needs, not what you can deliver. Know and identify the demands of your customer and search for a sublimation printer that offers those all features and allows you to offer more and better.

After this Sawgrass virtuoso sg800 sublimation printer review, it will be clear to you that this single sublimation printer can do multiple things and allows you to offer more to your customer with better results.