Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 25″ Large Format Sublimation Printer Best Review

Premiering one of the most unique Sawgrass virtuoso VJ 628 sublimation printer. Using which you can now print larger not just in height, but in width as well. The wide-format VJ 628 printer can do high-volume production with the same quality results.

Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628 25 sublimation printer

This SG virtuoso vj628 is one of those few printers which can print full-bleed 24″. It is an important number to note because many substrates are 24 inches wide and there are not many sublimation printers that can do this.

Sawgrass Virtuoso VJ 628
Printer For Sublimation

One Year Limited Warranty
Industrial-Grade print-head
Full Set of ink Cartridges
No desktop graphics software or clip art to buy

SG Virtuoso VJ628 Sublimation Printer Features and Review

This vj528 is mainly manufactured in japan by Muto, one of the top manufacturers of sublimation printers. They also manufacture printers for sawgrass and other brands like Epson. This is 8-Colour 25″ printer designed for a high-resolution printing solution.

Alongside, it’s easy to use and comes with print management software. It also has an industrial technology that increases its life and overall performance.

This VJ 628 sublimation printer prints with dot size printing technology which increases the printing speed and allows the printer to print faster.

The print quality of this Sawgrass printer will always be the same because it only uses SG aqueous ink. This also allows printers to have a longer lifespan than the others.

Additionally, if anyone wants a printer that can be used commercially and still provide a great photo quality then this SG VJ 628 is what they need. This Sawgrass vj628 prints 1440 X 1440 max resolution with RIP and 720 X 1440 with power driver. It is also capable to meet your wider size print needs and can print up to 24.4″ which is more than the largest width size of any sheet.

SG Virtuoso VJ628 Pros and Cons


Excellent printing speed and high-resolution print quality.

Prints larger and wider sizes.

1-year warranty.

Great versatility with high-quality results.

Highly durable and made in japan.


Replacement inks are expensive.

Technical Key Features

  • Capable Media Print Sizes: VJ 628 offers a large variety of media sizes to get printed and those are 13″ (330 mm), 17″ (432 mm), 24″ (610 mm), and 24.8″ (630 mm).
  • Printing Speed and Resolution: This Sawgrass printer can print up to 52ft2 (4.9m2) /h. Alongside resolution of 1440 X 1440 dpi with RIP and 720 X 1440 dpi with Virtuoso print manager. So you can easily get fast and high-quality printing at the same time.
  • Sawgrass VJ628 Ink: To maintain the high-performance of the printer, sawgrass introduced highly optimized aqueous ink for this VJ 628 printer. Which makes sure that your print quality is always top-notch and up to the mark.
  • Print Size: The sawgrass SG VJ 628 Prints many sizes and the most important one is 24″ in width. This means that now you can print for wider substrates and the quality of those will be astonishing as well.
  • Variety You Can Create: With the help of using the VJ 628 Sublimation Printer you can create many different varieties of things. Some of them are phone cases, photo panels and frames, cups, mugs, memory boxes, glassware, ornaments, pillows blanket, home decor, and the list goes on. 
  • Great Versatility: Sawgrass VJ 628 has great versatility because of sawgrass sublimation printing technology and sublijet-HD inks. This printer can even be used for ceramic glass, FRP plastic, hardboard, poly performance fabric, and many more.
  • Excellent Durability: As far as durability is concerned,s nothing can beat sublimation. In addition in that sublijet-HD ink and sawgrass printing technology adds an extra layer to the durability and makes the print permanent. No matter how many times you wash, design/print on the apparel won’t fade away.
  • Dual CMYK and 8-Color Ink: Compatible with dual CMYK that increases productivity and vibrancy of the colors. With that, it also offers a complete gamut and that can deliver up to 548,000 colors. 8-Colors ink configuration also helps to achieve the highest resolution possible.
  • Free Printer Software: Comes with the free printer software. Using this you can edit, adjust or create some basic designs to print. It’s beginner-friendly and easy to use as well. In addition, it also has unique and functional color output optimized settings for great sublimation results.

Evidently, this wide-format Sawgrass SG VJ 628 is great for those, looking for a printer that can print on a large scale, wider size along with the high resolution and speed. All this can be achieved by this sawgrass printer. An extra edge of this printer is that it comes with a 1-Year warranty and lifetime support.

In addition, the ink that comes with the printer is High-Density formulated, leading to more vibrant colors. You can also print Rich blacks and Neutral greys with this printer.

Buying Guide and Review About SG VJ 628 Sublimation printer

Knowing the features of any sublimation printer is not enough to make a decision whether to buy it or not. What you should be considering is if those features are fulfilling your need and can add more value to your business.

So for that, some important points are underneath which need to be considered before buying any sublimation printer. This will also clear your questions and confusion. In addition, reviewing the pre-buying guide and features of the sublimation printer in bird’s eye view will also give much clear picture to you.

Buying Guide and Review About SG VJ 628 Sublimation printer

Sublimation Printer Review:

The first thing to look at while buying any sublimation printer is the reviews. The reviews of that printer by its users on different platforms and marketplaces. Like if we search for the Sawgrass SG VJ 628 reviews, we find that the users are satisfied and happy with the performance and working of the VJ 628 sublimation printer.

Ink Support and Usage:

Before buying any sublimation printer you should consider its running cost and cost per print or area. Because some printers might look cool with their look and features but their running cost is something which can’t benefit you or your business. The ideal sublimation printer is that which uses less ink and still gives high-quality full-colour vibrant printing results.

The SG VJ 628 sublimation printer uses Sublijet-HD ink, which gives great results and is comparatively cheaper than other printer’s printing costs. Especially if you are planning to do sublimation printing on a large scale then this is the perfect sublimation printer for you.

Reviewing the actual features is also a very important part of buying any sublimation printer. The features that make any printer different from other is the size it can print, the speed and resolution with that. 

Just like this SG VJ 628 prints a maximum size of 24.4″ which is the largest size of paper roll sheet you can print on. Alongside it also provides fast printing speed while maintaining its performance and resolution of the print. So you can always get the best prints of this printer.


Most of the modern printers now have the Wi-Fi feature built-in. This makes the connectivity of the printer much easier. But it can’t beat the speed of wired data transfer, especially ethernet transfer.

If your need is to transfer data faster then this Sawgrass vj628 sublimation printer is what you need. This is the ethernet-only printer which means the data will be transferred much faster and more reliable than wireless connectivity. 


Warranty and support are what every person needs after buying any sublimation printer. Not because he doesn’t know how to use it, because what if the printer makes any technical issues. Most of the brands and sellers provide 1-2 years of support and warranty and that’s a decent amount of warranty and support.

But when it comes to Sawgrass, they are already on another level. They provide lifetime support and 1-Year warranty on this astonishing sublimation VJ 628 printer.

Conclusion – Sawgrass VJ628 Review and Buying Guide

Sawgrass SG VJ628 sublimation printer can add massive value and make your life much easier if you are looking and going to do sublimation printing on a large scale. So instead of making your life hard with other printers, you should opt for this VJ 628 for its amazing features and extraordinary support system. Additionally for its wider size print-ability, speed, and high-quality consistent results. After all this, Sawgrass wide format printer surely going to add immense value to your work.