Sawgrass Sublimation Printer Virtuoso SG500 Review – Best Buying Guide

Sawgrass is a leading brand in sublimation printers. Some of their printers are just phenomenal. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 is one of them, the upgraded version of SG400. With many improvements and addition in features, now this printer will meet your need more perfectly.

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 Sublimation Printer

If you are already a user of sg400 and now you want to upgrade to this extraordinary sg500, you can easily do this. Because this sawgrass SG500 printer has a feature to use its old series printers accessories. So you can use those accessories in this new improved SG500 printer. 

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500
Sublimation Printer

High-Volume Printing
2-Year Warranty from Sawgrass
Complete Set of Sublijet-UHD inks CMYK
Buy with Confidence

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 Important Features

As far as features of this sg500 sublimation printer are concerned, there is a huge list of them. Some of them are explained underneath.

Compatibility to its previous versions:

This sublimation printer by sawgrass is compatible with its previous versions. In addition to that, the quality of prints in this sg500 printer is also improved. It will be a great choice if you are looking for an upgraded version of previous printers.

Maximum Printable Media Size:

It can easily handle 8.5″x14″ size of sheets through the normal paper tray. You also have an optional bypass tray which can give you a total of 8.5″x51″ media size. This feature of the sawgrass sg500 sublimation printer makes it much better than other printers.

Resolution and Print Speed:

Maximum resolution of sawgrass sg500 printer is 4880 X 1200 dpi. High speed print/hours is 157 @ 600 X 600 dpi. Both features give an edge to this sublimation printer over the others.

Warranty and Support:

Sawgrass is not just called the leader, they also prove it. This sawgrass sublimation printer comes with lifetime support and 2 years of warranty of the machine.


SG500 printer can be used wired as well as wirelessly. It has a feature to get connected with Wi-Fi which allows you to operate it anywhere.

Supported Software:

If you are not a designer or lacks in designing artwork. No need to be worried. Sawgrass sg500 printer supports come with its print manager and its online creative studio. Which is super easy and beginner/user friendly. You can design and do many wonders with your prints using it.

Print To Wide Variety of Products:

You can use the prints printed from this printer on anything such as t-shirts, mugs, caps, or frames. As long as you the heat press machine of that particular shape.

Low Ink Consumption:

This sawgrass sublimation printer prints high-quality prints with low consumption of ink. Low consumption of ink does not affect the print quality, in fact, it gets better with seagrass SG500.


You don’t have to be worried about maintenance. Sawgrass sg500 printer performs its own automatic maintenance cycle for trouble-free printing with high-quality resolution.

Pros & Cons of Sawgrass SG500 Sublimation Printer


2 years warranty + lifetime support.

The maximum printable media size is 8.5″ x 51″.

Comes with the license of online creative studio design software by sawgrass.

Can be used wired and wirelessly.

This sg500 printer comes with Sublijet refillable ink cartridges.

Low priced as compared to the previous model.


Cost of Its Original Ink is a Higher Than Other Inks.

Sawgrass VS Epson Printers – Review Of Each Brand

Sawgrass and Epson, both are competing and leading giants of the printers industry. Where Epson is famous for its quality, Sawgrass is famous for its quality and support.

Epson mainly has two types of printers. One is ink cartridges and the other is eco-tank printers. Eco tank printers do not use cartridges, instead of ink bottle is directly dumped into them. Epson printers are slightly cheaper in price too.

On the other hand, sawgrass is great for professional working and large-scale working. Speed and its ability to print in larger size up to 8.5″ x 51″ makes it better and useful for commercial users. Sawgrass printers also come with lifetime support and a 1-2 years warranty on their printers.

The Sawgrass sg500 features low ink consumption with better print quality however, the Epson printer features 80% less energy consumption.

Sawgrass printers can be used wired and wirelessly as their connectivity is amazing. You can use them anywhere no matter how far your computer is. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity.

So in the nutshell, both printer companies are great. You just have to choose the one which fits best for you and fulfills your needs.

SG500 Sublimation Printer Ink Kit and Cartridges

SG500 Sublimation Printer Ink Kit and Cartridges
  • Ink Cartridges: Sawgrass Virtuoso sg500 sublimation printer can be used with multiple ink cartridges with different colors of inks. These cartridges are refillable as well. The refilling ability of the cartridges saves a lot of ink because you can simply refill it instead of changing the whole cartridge.
  • Life of Sublijet Ink: The kit installed in the printer can add much more longevity to sublijet-E and sublijet-R inks up to 10-12 months. But in general sublijet inks has a shelf life of 6 months depending on the usage of the printer.
  • Usage of Ink: SG500 uses lesser ink with better results. But usage of ink also depends on the resolution, print quality, and print area. In general, this printer will use 1ml of ink for around a 1 square foot area.
  • Other Inks: Using standard sublimation inks in the place of sawgrass preferred sublijet ink is not a good idea. It can damage the internal working system of the printer as well as it will void the 2 years warrant from Sawgrass.

TIP: Use multi-color cartridge for longer sustainability.

Sawgrass sg500 Sublimation Printer Buying Guide

Intro of sg500:

Sawgrass sg500 printer for sublimation is an upgraded version of sg400. You can use the bypass tray of sg400 in sg500. In addition, it also gives better print quality and high resolution while using much lesser ink. With flexibility in connectivity, you can use it wirelessly as well as wired.

With low running and startup costs, it’s an ideal choice for anyone. This sg500 printer also features an automatic maintenance cycle on its own for your trouble-free printing.

Price – Budget:

Sublimation printers are available in a variety of different ranges. Some of them are low priced yet affordable too. Sawgrass sg500 sublimation printer is one of them. It has features of many different printers in one which makes it an all-in-one printer too. 

Along with the printer, you will get creative studio design software that helps you to design your prints more efficiently, and it is absolutely free with the printer.

Technical Comparison – Features:

Sawgrass sg500 is comparingly better than many printers. Some of its important features are,

  • Bypass tray: You can attach the optional bypass tray and can print up to 8.5″ X 51″. This means you can now print larger sheets and even banners.
  • Wireless Connectivity: This printer has a feature to be used with Wi-Fi which makes its connectivity wirelessly.
  • Less Usage of Ink: Print quality is better than previous versions and the usage of ink also gets decreased. This means you will get better results in less usage of resources.


The best part of this sawgrass sublimation printer is that it comes with lifetime support and 2 years of warranty on their machinery and accessories. On the other hand, most printers have only 6 months or 1-year warranty and support. 

Why it can be the better choice?

For scaling your business you need better and upgraded machinery. This SG500 printer has many features which will help you to do that. In addition, if you are already a user of SG400, you can simply use those accessories in this improved sg500. 

Printing large sizes is also possible with this printer. Along with its user-friendly interface. As long as you have the heat press machine for that shape, you can print for anything such as mugs, caps, frames, or shirts with this sublimation sg500 printer.

Conclusion of buying guide:

If you want to grow your business to the next level, this sawgrass sg500 is the ideal choice. You can find many printers like this one but the quality of prints, features of the machinery, and lifetime support of the sawgrass can never be found on any other printer out there.

Final Verdict – Sawgrass sg500 Review

More energy efficient, better print quality, and less ink usage. The sawgrass sg500 sublimation printer has all these. With self-maintenance mode and cordless printing, SG500 can help you to scale your business as well as an office or home usage can be done with this SG500 Sublimation printer.