Epson F570 Sublimation Printer Review in 2022

Epson printers are always been large but the Epson f570 sublimation printer is the smallest one specifically in the “F” series of the Epson printers. Although if we compare the Epson F570 with other Epson printers, this is still a very larger sublimation printer. In today’s article, we will be comparing and mostly reviewing the Epson F570 sublimation printer which is the first-ever printer by Epson that has been designed for the sublimation printer.

Epson F570 Sublimation Printer

The Epson SureColor F570 Dye Sublimation Printer is a high-quality, compact sublimation printer. The design is clean and simple – it’s like having never wanted to use it! It’s easy to fit on a desktop. 

Epson F570
Sublimation Printer

Auto Feed Tray
Large Size Prints
Large Capacity Ink Tanks
High-Quality Sublimation Printing Machine

Epson F570 Epson’s First Sublimation Printer

Being one of the most known brands in the printers and sublimation printers industry, Epson makes sure that the sublimation printer they are launching is none less than any high-tech sublimation printer present in the market today. 

People were using standard Epson printers for sublimation use because they are comparatively very cheap. Epson kept this point highlighted as well and launched the F570 sublimation printer at a very affordable and inexpensive price. 

The F570 sublimation printer is also known as the 24” complete, fast, and efficient solution for dye sublimation printing. It can print really wide prints that can be used on various substrates from a larger size to low.

This sublimation printer has an easy printing experience from the start. It can easily print onto its own monitor with software optimized for dye sublimation. 

The user interface is large and straightforward. The menu system is easy to navigate, and it has a 4.3” LCD color touchscreen which is very helpful. The one downside about this printer is that it doesn’t have a stand, which can be a hurdle for a few people. But although you can place it on any stand which can be the best for it.

Features Of The Epson F570 Sublimation Printer 


  • Epson f570 sublimation printer has a clean and compact design
  • Comes with equipped and optimized software that heps more in dye sublimation
  • Commercial grade reliability with nozzle verification technology
  • Amazingly bright images and vibrancy in the prints
  • 50 Seet auto sheet feeder with built-in cuter for more convenience
  • Micro TFP print head offers precision droplet control for outstanding clarity
  • 4.3” Large LCD color touch screen
  • 2400 X 1200 dpi print resolution
  • Prints very wider upto 24”
  • Wireless connectivity and high capacity ink tanks
  • Can be used for a variety of different jobs

Review Of The Epson F570 Sublimation Printer

Once the printer arrives at you, you will receive a d printer, ink, and some other accessories such as a user guide or power cables. Setting up the printer is also very simple and easy. And we recommend running 2-3 sample prints before doing actual printing for the very first time from any brand new printer.

The Epson F570 Sublimation Printer is a great option for those looking for a sublimation printer. It offers a wide range of features, including an easy-to-use online system, which makes it easier for you to track results. The printer also comes with a 1-year warranty, which is highly important in today’s market where sublimation printers are becoming more and more popular. The Epson F570 Sublimation Printer is perfect for any business that wants to print large quantities and handle even the most complex tasks.


High-Quality Sublimation Printing Machine.

Large Size Prints Can Be Done.

Large Capacity Ink Tanks.

Auto Feed Tray and Built-in Cutter.

Wireless Connectivity Available.


No Stand Comes With The Printer.

Printer Is Quite Low In Height So Stand Arrangement Is Must.

Epson F570 Ink – Which One Is The Best?

Epson f570 has a large ink capacity. You can use the third-party ink with the Epson f570 but the recommended is to use the original one recommended by the Epson itself.

But if you are confused then you can check out the ink by clicking the button below. It is one of the most affordable and high spec ink that you can find for the Epson f570. It has 4 ink bottles. Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. Along with that, these bottles have a special cap on top which helps to fill the ink tanks of the printer.

Buying Guide – Epson F570 Sublimation Printer Review

Before buying any sublimation printer, there are a few things to consider and check in order to get the best printer for yourself and your business needs.

  1. Performance of the sublimation printer.
  2. Ink cost and ink cartridge/tank compatibilities.
  3. Connectivity options.
  4. Customer reviews about the product.
  5. Price and warranty.

Performance Of The Sublimation Printer:

Performance is the first factor that needs to be considered before buying any sublimation printer. Performance of any printer includes its resolution, printing speed, and compatibility with the type and material of the substrates.

The Epson f570 sublimation printer has a 2400 X 1200 dpi resolution, which gives an amazingly vivid, vibrant printing result. Along with that, it has a great printing speed and it can be used for commercial use. In fact, it is intended to be used for commercial use. The machine also has a wide range of compatible products with it that can be printed via this sublimation printer.

Ink Cost and Ink Cartridge/Tank Compatibility:

Ink cost is something that many people forget to consider before finalizing any printer for themselves. The printer might be amazingly cheap but its ink can be super expensive which is something that can eat all your profits in your business. So make sure to check if the printer is compatible with other company inks or if not then its original ink should be cheap and affordable.

With that, cartridges and tanks of ink also play an important role in ink cost. Better and recommended is to have a printer that has a large size tank for inks so you do not have to fill the tanks again and again and this also saves your time as well.

The Epson f570 has all these ink-related features. That makes it one of the bests sublimation printers for personal as well as commercial use.

Connectivity Options:

This is really an important aspect for those especially those who want to use the printer for commercial use. Because sometimes it gets difficult to have a wiring system with printers and computers. So what can be done in that case? Well. wireless connectivity is the answer.

The sublimation printer you are going to buy should have wireless connectivity in order to be able to get connected with the computer. Even it is placed far away from the printer. The wireless connectivity will help you in that scenario.

The Epson f570 wide format printer has wireless connectivity and features for commercial aspect usage. Thus making it one of the most considerable sublimation printers for commercial use.

Customer Reviews About The Product:

The customer reviews about any product determine if the product is made up of good quality and the features that the brand is claiming are present in the product or not.

In the sublimation printing industry, most people don’t review so usually people then buy on the basis of the brand’s reputation and by the name of the brand, for instance, Epson or Sawgrass. Both are amazing and well-known brands in sublimation printing.

But this Epson’s F570 sublimation printer has amazing customer reviews as well as it belongs to one of the most renowned brands in the sublimation printing industry as well. So you can go for it without having any doubt.

Price and Warranty:

There are many sublimation printers that fall into multiple price categories. Some are higher and some are inexpensive. The most expensive ones have the most advanced features and advantages.

But the Epson F570 is not one of the most inexpensive yet has those features and advantages that are only found in high-end sublimation printers and expensive ones only. This gives you an edge over your competitors in your business and you can offer more to your customers with these features and advantages.


So, at the end of the Epson F570 review, the final verdict would be that if you are looking for a wide format sublimation printer having advanced level features in it then this F570 is the printer you need. It has multiple connectivity options, high-resolution dpi, and multiple substrates compatibility. These all allow you to offer more to your customer in commercial use and in regular or household use, you can still be benefited from these features.

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