Epson ET 8550 Ecotank Sublimation All-in-One Printer Review and Buying Guide

Epson has the printers that come to mind when we discuss affordable sublimation printers. Most of the printers by Epson can be used for sublimation purposes. Some of them are even compatible with other brands of printers.

Epson ET 8550 Ecotank Sublimation Printer

One of such all-in-one printers, Epson et 8550 ecotank is the one. It is a wide format printer that includes many useful features that can help you to grow and scale your business. The printer performs a sublimation very smooth and gives great vibrant color results.

There are many sublimation printers by Epson which are intended for sublimation. This ecotank et 8550 is a standard one, but it can perform a sublimation and gives the same result as any other Epson sublimation printer can give.

Epson ET 8550 Ecotank
Sublimation Printer

Save up to 80%
Auto 2-Sided Printing
Zero-Cartridge Waste
Cartridge-free Printing

Here is the complete hands-on review, features, and buying guide of the Epson ecotank et 8550 sublimation printer. This will help you to understand all the features printers have and their usability.

Hand on Review Of Epson EcoTank et-8550 Sublimation Printer

First Impression:

When it comes in a box, it is taped very well. After unboxing you can see the printer made up of high-quality material. Along with the printer, there are 6 color ink bottles. These are the standard ones. For sublimation, you have to use sublimation ink.

To check some of the recommended sublimation inks, click here (sublimation ink).

Step NO 1 Epson ET 8550 Ecotank Sublimation All-in-One Printer Review and Buying Guide

Initial Setup:

Once unboxing is done, its time to setup. The box of the printer also contains an installation cd disk. If you don’t have a cd drive on your pc or laptop. You can download the software from the Epson website. 

Just go to their website and type Epson et 8550 ecotank sublimation printer in the search bar, it will pull up all the drivers/software you need for a printer.

After installing all the drivers, set up the printer settings. The process is self-explanatory. You can also use your mobile device for setting it up by scanning the QR code printer will show on its front screen.

Step NO 2 Epson ET 8550 Ecotank Sublimation All-in-One Printer Review and Buying Guide

Fill The Ink Tanks:

Once the initial setup is done, fill the tanks with the sublimation ink. You have to buy those separately because the ink that comes with the printer is not sublimation ink.

Make sure you fill the correct color ink in each tank. Once you filled those, perform a print head nozzle confirm and check the print quality. If its good then you can start your actual sublimation printing. If not then do the test again until the print gets clear.  

Step NO 3 Epson ET 8550 Ecotank Sublimation All-in-One Printer Review and Buying Guide

Features – Epson Ecotank ET-8550

This Epson sublimation ecotank printer is famous and popular because of its features mainly. Some of those excellent features are underneath.


  • This ecotank et 8550 is wireless. That means you can use it from anywhere in the house and even from your phone.
  • You can do a scan, fax, and print from this printer. It is an all-in-one wide format printer.
  • Low priced and affordable to most of the users.
  • Prints up to 13 X 19 borderless. That allows you to print on a complete paper sheet.
  • Prints professional-quality photos and designs with vibrant color results.
  • Epson et 8550 ecotank sublimation printer is cartridge-free. Large ink tanks are installed in the printer.
  • The printer has an intuitive touch display of a 4.3 screen with voice-activated printing.

How good is Epson et 8550 ecotank sublimation printer in using?

At first look, the printer looks elegant. It has a 4.3 color touch screen display on the front. Every setting is accessible from that screen. 

Using it anyone can achieve great and professional-looking prints. With the help of wireless printing, you can print faster from anywhere in the home or workspace.

Lets talk about some other aspects of the Epson ecotank et 8550 sublimation printer.


Performance-wise the Epson et-8550 is unmatchable at such an affordable price. It can print multiple sizes ranging from 4X 6up to 13 X 19 That can meet anyones need whether its for home use or office use.

Being a cartridge-free sublimation printer, it also saves a lot of ink. You just need to pour the ink from ink bottles into the tank rather than changing the whole cartridge.

You can use this printer for multiple uses, such as scanning, faxing, or printing. It is a multi-functional printer wireless printer that prints a design with very fine detail.


Cost-effective uses less ink and energy.

Comes with 6 installed large-size ink tanks.

Prints high-quality vibrant colors every time.

It is affordable and low-priced comparatively.

Multi-functional and it can print borderless photos.

Epson et 8550 VS Canon

Epson and canon both are great brands in the sublimation industry. Both offer great quality products and services to their customers. But there are some differences on the basis of features and performance.

Epson et 8550 sublimation printer has 6 ink tanks while on the other hand canon printers that can be used for sublimation come with 4 ink tanks.

Because of more ink tanks in Epson et ecotank 8550, it also has more options and a variety of colors that can be printed with complete details.

Additionally, Epson et 8550 max resolution is 5760 X 1440 dpi. While on the other hand canon printers have 4800 X 1200 dpi as their max resolution.

Epson ecotank et 8550 as well as canon, both can do duplex printing. The speed of printing of each printer is great. 

Buying Guide

You should have a solid reason to buy any sublimation printer over others. It can be features, performance, warranty, or anything related to the printer.


Usability includes how the printer performs with bulk print, its speed, its print quality and etc. 

Epson ecotank et 8550 is smooth and easy to use. When it comes to sublimation printing with it, it gives excellent quality results. The bulk prints can be done with it as well.

Not just that, you can also do double-sided print on a sheet with this wide format all in one sublimation printer.


Compatibility plays a vital role in any sublimation printer. Because many sublimation printers can be used to print a few sizes.

The Epson et-8550 prints multiple sizes, ranging from 4 X 6 up to 13 X 19. Furthermore, it prints borderless. That means you can use your whole paper for a print and in this way, your paper edges will not be wasted.


Having great features and performance is not enough to make a decision about whether should I choose printer OR PRINTER.

The price must be within your budget. Many printers have great features like Epson ecotank et 8550 does. But their prices are very high. But, you don’t need those anymore.

The Epson ecotank et 8550 has all those features that any high-priced printer has. But the difference comes at a price, the price of this ecotank sublimation printer is very much affordable and low comparatively.


The warranty of the product gives trust to the buyer. Epson is the brand that makes sure about their customer satisfaction completely.

They offer a 2-years warranty on this Epson ecotank et 8550 sublimation printer. You can also use their chat support system as well as post your query/confusion on their FB group.

Conclusion of Epson Ecotank et 8550 Review

Indeed the printers by Epson are great. Ecotank et 8550 is one of them. Featuring multiple features and uses at once, it is dominating the sublimation printers market. Delivering a constant and high-quality print is just one of the features of this wide-format all-in-one printer.

There are many other brands of printers in the market as well. If you want to learn more and in detail about each of them, read this article (Top sublimation printing brand in 2022).