Epson et 2720 Supertank Sublimation Ecotank Printer Machine Best Review

There are not many printers available in the market that have large size super tanks for ink storage rather than the standard ink cartridges. The few are in the market are from Epson and Epson et 2720 Supertank printer for sublimation is one of them.

Epson et 2720 Supertank Sublimation Ecotank Printer

The Epson supertank et 2720 sublimation printer has multiple premium features that can be used for scaling your business and increasing profitability, this is the best and perfect option for home and office usage.

Epson et 2720 Supertank Sublimation
Ecotank Printer

Save up to 90%
Stress-Free Printing
Built-in Scanner & Copier
Fast, Affordable, and Easy to Use

Today’s article will cover complete features, review, performance, and guide for buying the Epson et 2720 sublimation printer.

Features of Epson et 2720 Printer

The list of the features of the Epson et 2720 printer is huge, we will let you know about some of the most important and attractive features of Epson that make it better and different from others.

1. Printing technology of the printer is an inkjet that helps to print more vivid and vibrant images or designs.
2. The printer can be used for sublimation without any doubt and it has a large supersized ink tank rather than the cartridges. This allows you to print for a longer period of time than usual.
3. It has an excellent print quality because it uses unique micro piezo heat-free technology that produces sharp images and especially text.
4. It is an a-ll-in-one sublimation printer that can be used for skyping and scanning as well. It has a built-in scanner and copier.
5. Printer comes with a 2-Years warranty by the brand Epson.
6. The connectivity options of the Epson et 2720 sublimation are great. It has two connectivity options, wired and wireless. With that, it also has voice-activated printing technology.
7. The sheet size that can be inserted and printed using this printer is 4” X 6”, 5” X 7”, half letter, letter, executive, A4, legal, and user-definable ranging from 2.2” X 3.4” up to 8.5” X 47.2”.

Review Of The Epson Ecotank et 2720 Sublimation Printer

The printer comes in a well-packed box and the printer itself is very decently covered with plastic and tape pieces. Once you open the box you will see the printer, ink, guide, and other small accessories like cable, etc.

Setting up is the next step, once you are done with it you can use the printer for sublimation printing. Remember to install the sublimation ink and refillable cartridges in the printer if you want to do sublimation using Epson Ecotank et 2720 printer.

Once you start the sublimation, you will notice that the color of the images and design you are printing is vivid and vibrant. This is proof of the quality of this printer. You will always get high-definition prints with complete detailed print.

This printer by Epson allows you to print from anywhere in the home or office using a wireless Wi-Fi connectivity feature. You can use your mobile, tablet, and laptop for this feature.

Sometimes when people do sublimation using Epson Ecotank et 2720, they face issues like faded or light color print quality. This is because of your paper and printer settings. Make sure that you are using high-quality sublimation paper and your printer setting is according to the paper requirements.

Performance – Epson Ecotank et 2720


This printer by Epson is not intently created for sublimation. Although people use it for the sublimation and results of it are just astonishingly amazing.

Having the features like high definition print quality, fast speed printing, and printing in bulk makes this printer more superior and premium. And when all these features are used for sublimation, you can imagine the result and quality of those prints.

Epson ecotank et 2720 is a cartridge-free printer, which means it has an ink tank instead of cartridges. This saves a lot of ink for you as well as reduces the work of refilling them again and again because they are supersized and very large and there is each tank for each color (CMYK).

With that, it performs great on all sizes of the papers such as A4, executive, 4” X 6”, and many more. In addition, it can be used for printing on multiple types of paper such as plain, glossy, white, presentation paper matte, and many others.

Buying Guide – Epson Ecotank ET 2720 Review

Analysing the sublimation printer before buying is the best practice you can perform as a pre-requisite. But what does this analysing mean? So, on the very basic level, it means checking if that particular printer has availability of those features that you need for yourself or your business?

You can identify this by measuring its performance, speed, resources usage, price, and warranty.


Performance-wise printer should have high-resolution print quality and the ability to print multicolor print fast. There are many printers that meet these criteria, you can apply your personal criteria as well to filter the best sublimation printers out of so many.

The Epson ecotank et 2720 has amazing print quality with a high-resolution capability. It is compatible with multiple sizes and types of paper that allows you to expand and scale your business as well.

Printer Speed:

The next thing to check and measure of a sublimation printer before buying is its printing speed. The speed of printing in a minute or hour.

This Epson printer has a decent printing speed that can be helpful for anyone. It has a 5 ppm printing speed for color prints and 10.5 ppm for black color.

Resource Usage:

Resources include ink and energy usage. The printer you are about to buy should not use heavy energy or ink for printing.

Epson 2720 sublimation printer is cartridge-free. That means the wastage of ink is zero. In addition, it uses very low energy comparatively and this also is a good thing if you want a printer that can sublimate in low energy usage.


Price is the most important factor to be considered. It really affects the business directly. If you are new to sublimation then obviously you want a cheaper printer with the best and long-lasting features. 

The cheaper the printer you get with more features, the more you are going to be benefited.

The Epson ecotank et 2720 sublimation printer is best for this criteria. It is low -prices and has the best features in this price range printers. 


Support and warranty on any product by the brand or manufacturer is the proof of authenticity that they have trust and confidence in their product. Most of the sublimation printer brands offer 1-year of warranty and limited-time support on their printers.

Epson is the brand that offers a 2-years warranty and lifetime support on their many products and Epson Ecitank et 2720 is one of them having 2-Years of warranty and lifetime support from the band itself. 

Pros and Cons of Epson Ecotank et-2720 Sublimation Printer


It has a control panel on the front and that is very user friendly.

Ink is easy to refill and it is a great feel to use a cartridge-free sublimation printer.

This all-in-one ecotank printer is a great choice for all uses, especially at home and office.

Print quality is excellent and color printing is just awesome.


Paper capacity is quite small for plain copy paper no more than 30 sheets.

You have to get started with a lot of ink because the tanks are very large.

Can Epson Ecotank et 2720 Print Photos?

Yes, the Epson ecotank et 2720 can print photos and it can even do borderless printing that is rarely seen in the printers. Using this feature you can print larger as well as save your paper.

Conclusion – Epson Ecotank ET 2720 Review

The Epson ecotank all-in-one supertank sublimation printer is great in many aspects. It is a good and decent choice for anyone looking for a low budget yet more features sublimation printer. The best part is it is a cartridge-free printer and there are many other attractive features as well. 

We hope this Epson ecotank et 2720 sublimation printer review helps you to choose if this printer is for you or not and a clear image of what exactly this printer is. For more, you can check our other articles as well.

FAQs – Epson Ecotank et 2720 Sublimation Printer Review