Epson WF-7720 Printer For Sublimation – Review, Buying Guide, and Settings

Epson is one of the most reputable brands in the sublimation and printing industry. The printer offered by Epson are of excellent quality and have multiple types of useful features that differentiate every printer from each other.

Epson WF-7720 Printer For Sublimation

One of those amazing printers, Epson 7720 is the one. Today’s article is wholly based on its review, buying guide, settings, and performance. This will cover each and everything you need to know about this printer before starting sublimation with it to achieve the best results.

Epson WF-7720
Printer For Sublimation

High-Volume Printing
Auto 2-sided Print
500-Sheet Capacity
Love and Would Recommended

So the first thing you should know is that this printer is not created/manufactured intended for sublimation. Although you can use it for sublimation as well, it is one of the best printers that are available in the market for sublimation.

To use the Epson 7720 printer for sublimation, all you need is to install sublimation ink and cartridges in replacement of a standard one. And you are good to start your sublimation with Epson 7720.

Overview Of Epson 7720 Sublimation Printer

Epson 7720 Sublimation Printer

The printer comes in a box with a printer, cables, instructions, its original ink, and cartridges. For sublimation printing, you will not use those standard ink, rather you will use sublimation ink.

This sublimation printer mainly uses inkjet printing technology that makes the print quality even better and colors more vibrant. The size of the printer is quite large and heavy. 

The front of the printer has many options and for easy navigation a 4.3 intuitive color touch screen. From where you can control, adjust, and see all the settings as well as ink levels. All in one place together.

With that, it has power and other buttons of the printer on the front as well. This makes you unable to access all the features of the printer from a single place.

Features Of The Epson 7720 Sublimation Printer


  • The printer can perform many types of sublimation printing. From which the best are borderless printing and auto two-sided printing. This saves your paper(resources) as well as time.
  • It is an all-in-one sublimation printer thus multiple sizes of printing up to 13 X 19 can be done by Epson 7720 and scanning up to 11 X 17.
  • Great for volume or bulk printing. It has multiple trays and feeds options. Such as 500 sheets capacity, dual trays, plus a rear feed for specialty papers, and 125 sheet output tray.
  • 4.3 color touch screen on the front of the printer for easy and fast navigation. All the settings can be adjusted and seen from there.
  • A bit of automation is also there in the shape of a 35-page auto document feeder.
  • The Epson 7720 sublimation printer has dual connectivity options. Wireless and wired. This means you can use and do printing via your phones, tablets, and laptops using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi).

Settings Of The Epson 7720 Sublimation Printer

Although the printer comes with a settings guide within the box of it. Still, you can get confused, so let us help you and explain the settings of the printer so you will not face any issues with it.

1. Plug your printer into the power and press the power button to turn it on.

2. Select the language in which you want to proceed. In most cases, it’s the English language that is selected.

3. Select your country and region, then choose a date format whichever is convenient for you.

4. Then you will get a message from a printer saying install ink cartridges that came with this printer.

5. So, as we are about to do sublimation. We’re gonna use sublimation ink and cartridges instead of the ink that came with the printer.

6. Install the sublimation ink with cartridges in the printer, close the lid of the cartridge area.

7. Close the printer’s lid and you will see a message saying now it is initializing. Let the printer do its work, it will take around 6 minutes.

8. Once initialization is completed, click on close and select the paper type and size for the paper source.

9. Most probably you will be using sublimation paper and 8.5 X 11 size. Insert them in cassette one and for all other options click on close.

10. Then run some test prints and once your test prints start coming clear, crips, and vibrant in colors. Your printer is all set for professional printing use and you can use it for sublimation printing.

Buying Guide

There are many things to look at before buying the sublimation printer that can be useful and add value to your business. Some of those things are performance, compatibility, features, price, and Warranty.


The performance of any sublimation printer is based on many things. Such as its resolution, printing speed, whether the printer is capable of printing in bulk, and more. 

This Epson 7720 is one of the most capable printers that can do most of the things and has all the features that are needed to scale any business. Like volume printing, borderless printing, bulk, and high-resolution printing. All together in one is the key feature of this all-in-one sublimation printer.


The compatibility of any printer can have a serious impact such as if a printer can print on multiple types of sheets and materials, this means you can offer more to your customers.

This Epson 7720 has great compatibility with many types of papers and materials that enables you to offer more to your customer. Using inkjet technology the prints from the printer come very clear and vibrant in colors.


The list of the features of any sublimation printer can be very long. But most important are resolution, a size that the printer can print on, speed, and connectivity of the printer. 

The Epson 7720 prints with a high resolution, multiple materials and sizes up to 13 X 19 and also supports borderless printing. The printer has dual connectivity options, which means you can use and print via your mobile and tablets as well as using Wi-Fi(wireless connectivity).


The price is the most important factor of any sublimation printer. Because at high or expensive prices you can easily find amazing and great working printers. But what if you get all those amazing features cheaper?

This Epson 7720 sublimation printer has all the features and abilities that can be matched with any expensive and high-quality printer. But the difference comes in the price range. This printer by Epson is super cheap compared to their features.


The warranty of any sublimation printer has its own importance. Many printer brands provide lifetime support and 1-2 years of warranty on their machinery. 

Unfortunately, here Epson lacks a but. Because this printer is not intently manufactured for sublimation, Epson says that no third-party ink should be used in it. And because we use a third-party ink, it conflicts with an Epson policy and as soon as you insert the third-party ink, your warranty of the printer most probably ends.

Epson 7720 VS 7710 – Comparison

There are a few minor differences between 7720 and 7710. But these differences can have a large impact on you, so let’s see what these are.

Settings Of The Epson 7720 Sublimation Printer

1. The major difference is that Epson WF 7720 can handle volume and bulk printing. It can be used for regular and professional use. Whereas WF 7710 can not handle bulk and volume printing at once. It is a good choice for home and office usage.

2. Appearance of both printers is almost the same. Both have the 4.3 color touch screen on the front having the same features.

3. Epson 7720 and 7710, both can print high resolution and sizes up to 13 X 19 along with borderless printing.

4. Comparing the paper capacity, Epson WF-7720 has a larger capacity of 500 sheets. Whereas the WF 7710 has a capacity of 250 sheets only.

FAQs – Epson WF-7720 Sublimation Printer Review