Best Sublimation Paper For Printing On Cotton, Shirts & Mugs

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best sublimation paper for your project. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that the paper is acid-free and will not damage your device or print in any way. Second, you’ll want to make sure that the paper has high heat resistance so that your images will stay crisp and bright during printing. Third, choose a paper with a low moisture content so that your images will not turn into mush after printing.

Most of the time we discuss the process of sublimation or the best printers for sublimation. But we neglect the fact that even other accessories used in the sublimation printing process have the same importance. Such as the sublimation paper, which will be discussed in this article briefly and below you will find list of sublimation paper that are available in market with high reviews & of course quality.

Best Sublimation Paper

Top 5 The Best Sublimation Paper For Printing in 2023

Before jumping into the list of the best sublimation paper, let’s discuss what actually a sublimation paper is? A sublimation paper is a special paper intently created for a sublimation purpose. The specialty of the paper is that it absorbs the ink and relieves it when heat via heat press on any substrate.

1. Printers Jack Sublimation Paper – 98% Ultra High Color Transfer Rate


  • Printers Jack Brand
  • Over 98% Ultra High Color Transfer Rate
  • 100 Sheets Pack

The first recommendation for sublimation paper is this printer’s jack sublimation paper has multiple great features that can save you your ink cost, time, and transfer the color with near to perfect accuracy. One of the great features of this sublimation paper is that when the image or design gets printed on it, it dries so quickly that there is no chance of ink color mixing on the paper.

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper - 98% Ultra High Color Transfer Rate

Along with that, it offers no fade, no crack, and a smooth feeling. You can use this sublimation paper to transfer prints on multiple types and materials of the substrates. Such as shirts, mugs, phone cases, mousepads, ceramic plates, cotton material, and many more.

To help their customers and users, this printer’s jack sublimation paper is designed in a way that anyone can easily use it. For instance, each paper has two clear sides. The first one is printable and the other is back. This feature makes sure that you always print on the correct side rather than guessing if this side is the correct one.

A high color transfer rate reduces your cost of production by consuming lesser ink. With this sublimation paper works with dye-sublimation ink only. So you can not use it for standard printing.


While using the product, in hand it feels amazingly good. The quality and the smoothness of the paper are great. The thickness of the paper is decent and it doesn’t allow the ink to go through and makes the backside of the shirt dirty. And when you do the sublimation printing using this paper, your transfers will be vivid and bright just like they are in the actual image. This sublimation also has a score of over 98% ultra-high color transfer rate.


Works with multiple materials and types of the substrate.

High color transfer rate.

Each sheet has two sides that help you to identify which side is printable.

Also works with the cotton substrates.


The transfer will look faded if your heat pressed this sublimation paper more or less than required.

2. Seogol Sublimation Paper – No Fade, No Crack, and Ultra-Fast Drying

Key Features

  • Seogol Brand
  • Ultra Fast-Drying
  • 100 Sheets Pack

Seogol sublimation paper features multiple uses and advantages over other sublimation papers. Such as wide application, compatibility with many printers brand, and high quality of the paper.

Seogol Sublimation Paper - No Fade, No Crack, and Ultra-Fast Drying

The compatibility of this sublimation paper is a great feature. Although it works only with dye-sublimation ink, but it can be used with multiple brands of printers. Such as Epson, Ricoma, and Sawgrass.

With all these, this sublimation paper has over 98% colour transfer rate and saves you the production cost by consumption of less ink. Getting dry in less time than others is also occurs in this sublimation paper.

To help the user with sublimation printing using this paper, seogol created 2 sides of the paper. White and colored. White is is to be used for printing, coloured side is back. This saves a lot of time for those who always get stuck in finding the correct side of the paper to print.

Being waterproof, no smudge, no crack, and no fade. This sublimation paper stands itself differently from the rest of the papers available in the market.

A wide range of applicable materials also helps and allows you to offer more to your customer. For instance, this sublimation paper can be used on light or white coloured polyester fabric, polyester-coated items, mugs, plates, and even cotton material items.


As a user of this sublimation paper, the first thing that pops me out is the price of the paper. It’s super affordable. That easiness of figuring out the front and backside of the paper saves me time. Adding more, the prints on the paper come out really awesome and the colours of the image or design printed are completely vivid and vibrant. Although when the papers pack comes to you, it is packed a bit tightly without any cardboard kinda thing on the back. The rest of the things about this sublimation paper is great.


Wide range of compatibility and applicability.

Over 98% ultra-high transfer rate.

Can be sued for multiple substrates(materials and types).

Colored backside for a clear indication that this is the backside and front side is white.


The pack of paper comes in are packed too tightly causes an error like curls edges sometimes.

3. Mecolour Sublimation Paper – Ultrafdast 30 Seconds Drying Time

Key Features:

  • Mecolour Brand
  • Ultrafast 30 Seconds Drying Time
  • 100 Sheets Pack

Sublimation paper by mecolour is suitable and recommended for light coloured fabrics and polyester mainly. Although you can use it for cotton, mugs, tumblers, and many more.

This paper is compatible with major brands of sublimation printing such as sawgrass, Epson, Canon, and ricoma.

Along with the compatibility, the sublimation paper has multiple advantages and a few disadvantages compared to the other papers available in the market.

Such as with wide application, you can use this sublimation paper for mousepads, mugs, shirts, and many more. Plus is waterproof as well as has a high transfer rate of up to 98%.


While testing this paper and even in professional use, it’s observed that this paper works greatly with t-shirts made up of polyester and tumblers. It also works great with other substrates, but the best results were seen on them. The printed design or image when transferred on the substrate, it is very bright and clear. Sometimes it gets transferred duller but it is because of the setting of the printer, if those are correct there is no chance of any error.


Works with multiple types and materials of the substrate.

Easy to use.

Waterproof, fast-drying, and fade-free.

Transferred images are very bright, clear, and vibrant.


Does not work with laser printers, only works with inkjet printers and ink must be a sublimation ink.

4. A-Sub Sublimation Paper – Excellent Line Sharpness and Fast Drying

Key Features:

  • A-Sub Brand
  • Excellent Line Sharpness and Fast Drying
  • 110 Sheets Pack
A-Sub Sublimation Paper - Excellent Line Sharpness and Fast Drying

A-Sub sublimation paper is one of those well-known and used papers for sublimation that has been used at least one time by every person doing sublimation.

This sublimation paper has multiple features such as super-fast drying, excellent sharpness in the prints, excellent consistent quality, and awesome lay flat performance.

With all these, this paper for sublimation works best with both soft and hard substrates like mugs, tumblers, plates, t-shirts, polyester substrates, and many more.

The transfer rate of the A-Sub sublimation paper is high because of being thick, absorbs the ink better and when heated releases it very well.

In addition, this sublimation paper releases the ink very fast and that ink gets dried fast too. This will also save your time for heat pressing while transferring the image/design on the substrate.


You will see many people saying that there is no difference between the sublimation paper and regular copy paper. But when you compare the results of both, you can see the difference clearly. Sublimation paper is intently created for this purpose and thus it gives much better results than a regular copy paper. 

This A-Sub sublimation paper also gives great vivid, clear, and sharp results. You might see some uncolored areas and that’s because of the dark colour in the image you printed. Because sublimation doesn’t work on dark color substrates that’s why you may see uncoloured areas on them.


Extremely fast drying and line sharpness.

Always gives great consistent results.

Outstanding lay-flat performance.

Works with multiple substrates and different materials.


Does not give great results on 100% cotton and this sublimation paper is also a bit pricey than the others.

5. Dye Master Versatile Sublimation Paper With Extra Ordinary Performance

Key Features:

  • Dye Master Brand
  • Versatile Sublimation Paper
  • 110 Sheets Pack
Dye Master Versatile Sublimation Paper With Extra Ordinary Performance

A DyeMaster sublimation paper is considered to be one of the most advanced sublimation papers in the market. The specialty of this sublimation paper is that it can be used on a variety of different items, from metal to plastic.

It works on a vast array of different materials and performs well in most cases. This particular type of paper has excellent versatility because users can print images

The images and designs transferred using this paper usually have a better lifespan than the other transfers. It is because of the quallity of the paper. With that, the drying time of this sublimation paper is amazing.

The important thing to note is that the brand(dye master) itself claims that this sublimation paper has the highest transfer rate in the industry.


Surely, this sublimation paper is for those looking for versatility and a type of paper that can deliver great, sharp, and crisp results every time. Moreover, the price of the paper is also more affordable and less than the other sublimation papers in the market although the results are comparable and even sometimes this sublimation paper gives better results than the others.


Great drying time.

Very affordable and inexpensive.

Delivers the same high quality results every time.

Outstanding dimensional stability.


The paper may work on glass and aluminum, but the quality of the images projected will not be as high as it would be if you used other types of media.

Best Sublimation Paper For Epson 2720 – Editor’s Choice

There are many types of sublimation papers that can work with the Epson 2720 sublimation printer. But specifically after research and testing, we have concluded that the Stratford Sublimation Paper works the best with Epson 2720.

Stratford Sublimation Paper – Ultra Premium High-Quality Sheets

Stratford Sublimation Paper - Ultra Premium High-Quality Sheets

Sublimation paper by Stratford brand is well known among the Epson users. This sublimation paper has multiple features that specifically help and enhance the results that come out from the Epson 2720.

The pack of sheets comes in a hard box and plastic seal to protect the sheets while delivering. The quality of the sheet itself is the highest grade quality in the market.  It also has multiple sizes to choose from such as 8.5 X 11 OR 13 X 19.

After printing using Epson 2720, you can use this sublimation paper on a wide array of the substrates such as masks, shirts, ceramic plates, pillows, socks, and harder substrates as well.

The colour output of this sublimation paper is luminous and blackish. You will not see any grayish area while printing on this sublimation paper. The thickness of the paper also helps to deliver better results.

Stanford also added a logo on the backside of the sublimation paper and clarifies the front and backside of the paper. This is the most common issue faced by people. They can not identify which side to print on.

Review and Recommendation

Indeed this sublimation paper is recommended to use with Epson 2720 sublimation printer. The combination of both gives great results in the shape of high-quality prints and consistent results.

As far as the performance is concerned, this sublimation paper has so many features that make sure the quality of the prints. Especially when it comes to print via Epson 2720 sprinter. You can easily use the paper with 2720 and do sublimate multiple substrates whether it’s hard or soft. The results quality will be the same and consistent on each and every substrate.


In the end, the final verdict would be that you can do wonders if you have the right sublimation paper for printing your designs to transfer. If the paper quality and features are not up to the mark, you can not achieve the best results as you should be.

The sublimation papers mentioned in this article are the sublimation paper you can find in the market for sure. They all have some sort of similarities in the features but every paper has its own uniqueness and use. So choose the one that fits best for you and your business.

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