3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine – Buying Guide and Review

This article will give you an overview of the 3D sublimation heat press and what it can do for you as a crafter. This innovative piece of equipment can help you create high-quality prints quickly and easily, without the need for any extra materials. In addition, this machine is incredibly versatile, meaning that it can be used for a variety of different projects. Sublimation vacuum heat press is an excellent choice for crafters who want to create high quality three-dimensional prints. It is easy to use and produces excellent results.

Best 3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine

A 3D sublimation vacuum heat press is a special type of heat press that is used to create three-dimensional objects. This type of heat press uses a vacuum to hold the object in place while it is being heated. This allows the object to be heated from all sides, which results in a higher quality print.

This sublimation vacuum heat press can be used to create a variety of three-dimensional objects, including cups, mugs, phone cases, and more. It can also be used to create two-dimensional objects that have a three-dimensional effect, such as images that appear to be raised off the surface of the paper.

Collection Of Top Rated 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press

3d Vaccum Heat Press Machine
1. 3d Vaccum Heat Press Machine

  • Features:
    Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 2800 W

    Current: 24AN

    Specialty: All-in-one

NTBUYING Heat Press Sublimation Machine
2. NTBUYING Heat Press Sublimation Machine

  • Features:
    Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 2800 W

    Vacuum Flow: 33L/min

    Specialty: Multi functioning and budget-friendly

Vevor Heat Press 3d Sublimation Machine
3. Vevor Heat Press 3d Sublimation Machine

  • Features:
    Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 2800 W

    Current: 24AN

    Specialty: Multi functioning with great capacity and efficiency

INTBUYING Sublimation Machine
4. INTBUYING Sublimation Machine

  • Features:
    Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 2800 W

    Vacuum Pump: 150 W

    Specialty: All-in-One

1. 3D Vacuum Heat Press Machine – #1 Best Heat Press Machine

3d Vaccum Heat Press Machine

Key Features:

  • All-in-one 3d vacuum sublimation heat press 
  • 110V Voltage
  • 2800 W Power

The all-in-one 3d sublimation high voltage heat press machine has some competitive features such as a wide range of products can be heat press in this, and it has a larger capacity that allows you to deliver more in less time to your customers. The machine uses 110V and 2800 W. The upper plate heating power is the same as most of the 3d heat press machines, 1300W. Down heating power is also the same 1300 W.

This 3d vacuum heat press machine does not come alone; it comes in a whole package having most of the accessories needed to start a 3d sublimation heat press. The machine itself has the larger dimensions of 18.5 X 23.2 X 11.4. With that it has an Lcd LED display control panel on the front having many options in it, such as settings, power buttons, timing, vacuum, and heating options. All the adjustments to the machine can be made from here.


As far as performance is concerned, this machine works elegantly and smoothly. You can practice first on the additional accessories, with the actual machine. Every setting and adjustment can be made very easily from the LED display it has on the front. The power and timing of the machine are also great, with multiple heating options as well.


Multifunctioning can be sued for a variety of different substrates.

Comes with many additional accessories that can be used for heat pressing.

Adjustable upper and lower plate heating options.

The large LED LCD display on the front for easy navigation.


Expensive 3d sublimation heat press machine.

2. NTBUYING 3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Sublimation Machine

NTBUYING 3D Sublimation Vaccum Heat Press Sublimation Machine

Key Features:

  • Multi-Functioning and Budget Friendly
  • 110V Voltage
  • 2800 W Power

This 3d sublimation vacuum heat press machine is made up of magnesium alloy and the led LCD control panel. Having the heating power of 1300W on both up and down. Each heat side(up and down) plate can be controlled separately as well. The vacuum heat press machine is quite large. It can hold up to 12 mugs at a time. The dimension of the machine is 16.5 X 11.8 X 4.3.

A most unique feature of this heat press is that it adopts the surface design of upper and lower dots to improve the heating mechanism and area. This helps to transfer the print on the substrate more clear and vividly. The printer also features odorless pressing. That means it has a carbon-activated filter which helps to filter the smell produced during the pressing. Temperature control of the machine is done by its double-Cricut design.

This machine is mostly automated with great features, such as extracting the air, and when the printing is done, it can suck air itself. You can do multiple types and pattern heat press with this 3d sublimation heat press machine, such as phone cases, mugs, crystal ornaments, glass photos, and many more.


Performance-wise this heat press machine is great to use. It has a clear and large LED display in the front from where you can control and adjust the settings of the machine. The wide area allows you to do more heat pressing at once and can hold up to 12 mugs at a time. With that, it provides excellent and durable quality out of mature technology.


It can be used for multiple substrates and objects.

High power 3d sublimation heat press machine.

Double circuit guarantees temperature control.


Very few instructions come with the printer itself.

3. Vevor Heat Press Multi Function 3d Sublimation Machine

Vevor Heat Press Multifunction 3d Sublimation Machine

Key Features:

  • Multi-functioning with Great Capacity and Efficiency
  • 110V Voltage
  • 2800 W Power

The heat press 3d multifunctioning sublimation machine by vevor is intently manufactured for professionals having larger orders or wanting to do bulk heat pressing. The machine features great quality, intelligent digital control, and powerful performance at the same time.

The body of the machine is built from magnesium allow makes it more durable. The presence of a led LCD control panel allows you to see and adjust all the settings of the machine from a single place. Improving the performance, this machine comes with a high-efficiency air filter that also protects the vacuum pump.

The best part about this machine is its automation. After the high-temperature regulation and transfer, it will automatically deflate and can be operated easily. The size and capacity of the machine are comparatively larger, and this makes you capable of doing more in less time. You can make 12 mugs at a time that can surely increase your working efficiency. This multifunctional 3d sublimation heat press machine can be sued for a large variety of substrates such as phone cases, cups, mugs, crystal ornaments, photo frames, keychains, plates, etc.


This 3d heat press machine is built for great performance for its users. You can get great quality results using it. The presence of upper and lower heating plates with adjustable settings makes this machine more durable and easy to use. With that, the far-infrared heating technology makes the heat even. The upper and lower heating plates feature 1300W.


This 3d sublimation heat press machine has great efficiency, quality, and performance.

High power and voltage machine.

Both upper and lower heating plates have 1300W.

Low-cost heat press machine.


You have to test and try yourself to get the best results. This machine does not come with clear and many instructions.

4. INTBUYING 3D All-in-One Vacuum Heat Press

INTBUYING 3D All-in-One Vacuum Heat Press Sublimation Machine

Key Features:

  • 2800 W Power
  • 150 W Vacuum Pump
  • All-in-One Complete 3D Sublimation Heat Press 

This heat press all-in-one machine comes in a complete package having all the required accessories for heat pressing. Having multiple accessories, this machine is also multifunctional. You can heat press many things from ranging mugs, cups up to phone cases, plates, and many more.

The elegant and simple design of the machine makes its usage more friendly and easy. Having the LCD LED display on the front also contributes to; they easy navigation by letting you know all the settings and allowing you to adjust settings from one place. This heat press machine has 110V, 2800 W, and upper and lower heat plates are 1300 W.

The heat press machine can be very useful for professionals. They can take advantage of multifunctional 3d sublimation heat press by offering more variety of products to their customers and can increase and scale their businesses as well.


This 3d sublimation heat press machine performs the same as others machines. The difference comes in the variety of substrates it can heat press. This printer supports multiple kinds of the substrates such as mugs, plates, and phone cases. All can be done with this machine. It comes with a complete and all-in-one package having all the accessories included in the package that gives it an edge on other 3d heat press machines in the market.


Multifunctional, supports many substrates that can be heat pressed in it.

Easy to use and navigate.

User-friendly design and highly durable material are used for manufacturing the main body.


Expensive heat press machine.

Do not have clear instructions on how to use it.

How To Sublimate Mugs?

Sublimating the mugs also has the same process as any other sublimation. The difference comes in the heat pressing. The process of mugs sublimation consists of a few simple steps.

Step No.1:

Prepare your accessories and equipment. Print the design on the sublimation paper using a sublimation printer.

Step No.2:

Cut the paper according to the size of the cup and stick to it using heat-resisting tape. Then wrap the mug using a rubber clamp and close it properly.

Step No.3:

The core of the mugs sublimation is here. You need a heat press machine called 3D Sublimation Heat Press Machine OR Mug Heat Press Machine. 

Preheat the heat press machine and put the mugs inside of it. Don’t put them very close, make sure they have a little gap between them.

Step No.4:

Start heat pressing them at 190C for 6-10 minutes depending on the heat press and mugs quality.

Step No.5:

Once the heat press is done, take the mugs out from the heat press and make sure to wear heat-resisting gloves. The mugs can be very hot.

Remove the clamp, paper, and tape from the mug and let it cool down. Once it’s, cooled down, you have your customized sublimated mug ready.

Is Mug Sublimation Is Profitable?

The mug sublimation from a business point of view is a very profitable and unknown market to the people. There are not many people doing mug sublimation professionally, but the demand for it is very high. 

You can start your own mug sublimation business and offer customizable and ready-made designs to your customers. Selling them is not an issue, you can sell them on the markets like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Etsy is more into such products, it is known by the people for artistic and such customizable products. POD or print on demand can also be done with mug sublimation. Everyone wants their picture on the mug. Or want to gift one to their loved ones.


In a nutshell, the mum sublimation business is profitable, and you can also scale it. All you need is a process and knowledge of how you can do that and, most importantly, the heat press machine for the mugs.

Conclusion –  Final Verdict

The top 4 best 3d sublimation heat press machines reviewed in this article have decent competition between each other as well. All of them have some uniqueness and special features. You need to identify your needs and requirements for a 3d sublimation heat press machine and then choose any of them without having any doubt.

Best Mini Heat Press Machine

If you want to heat, press smaller objects like shirts, totes, bags, and pillows. You don’thave need a large heat press machine. What you need is a small mini heat press machine having all the features in it that can be used for heat pressing.

There are many mini heat press machines out there. Choosing one from them can be tough sometimes. Let us help you by giving you the best mini heat press machine of 2022.


Cricut EasyPress 2 - Heat Press Machine

The 9X9 mini heat press machine is great for small offices, homes, or setups. This machine allows you to heat press many substrates like shirts, totes, bags, aprons, pillows, covers, and many more.

The adjustable settings in the machine make it more user-friendly and allow you to work with your ease. This mini heat press machine has an advanced heat plate design with a ceramic-coated surface, and precise temperature controls up to 400F.

As it is a multifunctional heat press, you can even use it for regular ironing as well. The machine comes with a long wire and all safety gear which makes sure that your substrate is absolutely safe.

It also has small navigation on top of it with a small led display and power buttons on its left and right. It’s super easy to use this machine, and you can even use the online guide by the brand itself for their customers.


Super easy to use and set up.

Comes with a safety base and other gifts.

Comes with an online guide of its usage.

Best for house and small office usage.

Can be used as iron as well.


Can do heat pressing of size 9X9 only.

FAQs – 3D Sublimation Heat Press